The G-A-Y Foundation has been established to offer a life changing opportunity to those who need it.

Unlike some other charities where you don’t ever see the end result of your donations, the aim of the G-A-Y Foundation is to make a real difference to people’s lives and for our donors to see the changes that they have made. 

Instead of fundraising on a generic ongoing basis, we will fundraise on a case-by-case basis for a specified total to make an individual grant. Once the funds have been raised for one successful grant application we will move onto the next fundraise. 

If you are interested in applying for a grant please read the details below which set out the application process and criteria. 

*Who can apply? *

*Because our fundraising will be based on changing lives and people’s individual stories we will need to publish the name, image and story of all successful applicants in order to carry out the fundraising activity and to show how this has positively impacted them. *

Such details will be published or announced by us in our venues, on our webpages and on our social media and may be reported in the press.

If your application is successful, you agree to this publicity and to taking part in publicity activities (now and in the future) in connection with the fundraising for your grant.

The causes we support

Our funds must be applied towards exclusively charitable purposes (under the laws of England and Wales) for the public benefit as our Trustees may from time to time decide. 

Our areas of priority for funding over the next two to three years will be the following but we will keep them under review annually or more often if needed:-

A non-exhaustive list of sample grants would include:-

What we will and won’t fund

Any grants which we award must be used to cover costs set out in the application budget. 

Where possible, as regards funds to be raised for individual applicants rather than charities, we will pay funds directly to the supplier providing goods or services to the successful applicant rather than giving the funds directly to the applicant personally (e.g. directly to the private hospital if in relation to medical treatment).

Any service providers must have the level of qualification required by the relevant recognised body in the United Kingdom. Any medical organisation must have the requisite GMC approved licence and authority to practice and any medical professionals must be suitably qualified in order to provide and administer any treatment or medication.

Unless an applicant is able to demonstrate that the expenditure is essential for, and directly linked to carrying out these activities, the grants must not be used to fund any of the following types of expenditure: 

*How to apply *

In time we will be putting in place an application form but for now applications must be made by email to [email protected]

You will need to provide the following information and details in your application:-

We may request one or more interviews with an applicant, which may require travel to our offices in London, before a decision is made. 

If the applicant is an organisation, the following must also be supplied with the application: 

If the organisation is a charity established outside the UK: 

If the applicant is a non-charitable organisation, the proposal must also provide evidence that the organisation has a bank account.

Please note that we will undertake appropriate due diligence checks on applicants. The checks that are undertaken may vary according to our assessment of any risks associated with the proposed activities or the applicant. By submitting an application you agree to such checks being undertaken.

Unsuccessful applicants will be eligible to re-apply one year after their last application.

How decisions are made

Our grant-making will be governed by the following key principles:-

In order to ensure that the fundraising is as successful as possible, we may select beneficiaries whose application we believe will resonate with the customer base of the G-A-Y venues where we primarily will be carrying out our fundraising.  

We will support those organisations whose fundraising causes we believe will resonate with G-A-Y customers/online followers and whose fundraising objectives and causes are aligned with those of the G-A-Y Foundation. 

We will also support organisations which may have more support in a certain cause than the G-A-Y Foundation itself has or organisations on the ground who are distributing aid (e.g. in the event of a natural disaster, national emergency or an international event such as supporting victims of a terror attack). 

We will contact successful applicants to notify them of the outcome of the application. Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Grant Application Agreement which will set out the terms on which the funding is provided.

Post – grant monitoring

We will assess the value and benefit that a grant has had on an individual or organisation. 

A questionnaire will be sent to successful applicants within one year of the grant being given (or other relevant time frame) for feedback. We encourage all successful applicants to keep the G-A-Y Foundation informed of their future endeavours. 

Organisations will be required to demonstrate the benefit of the grant by providing an impact report to the Trustees within an agreed time frame and in an agreed form.

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